La Selva Pintada – Catch Up

Catch up on the live recordings of the conference sessions on the ICAHN Youtube channel

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Day 1 – Morning Session
-Opening remarks, Patrick Roberts, Gustavo Politis, Rafael Suarez, Mark Robinson, Javier Aceituno, Claide Moraes & Edith Pereira, Natalia Gutierrez Echeverri-

Day 1 – Afternoon Session
-Andrzej Rozwadowski & Elena Miklashevich, David Pearce, Pilar Fatas MOnforte, Jamie Hampson, Linda Hurcombe-

Day 2 – Morning Session
-Laura Miotti & Natalia Carden, Andrei Isnardis, Edithe Pereira & Claide Moraes, Natalia Lozada & Jose Oliver, Franz Scaramelli, Carlos Castaño-Uribe, Sandra Reina Mendoza-

Day 2 – Afternoon Session
-Daiana Travassos, Rafael Milheira, Mark Robinson, Ana María Aguirre, Gaspar Morcote-Ríos, Fernando Urbina, Jose Iriarte-

Day 3 – Morning Session
-Ed King, Julián José Garay Vásquez, Michael Ziegler, Juan Miguel Kosztura Núñez, Juan David Acosta, panel discussion-

Day 3 – Afternoon Session
-Tourism & Conservation Panel-

Program in Spanish
II Simposio Arte rupestre ext programación (Español) 19-08-2022

Program in English
II simposium rock art programación ingles 19-08-2022

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